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In memorium

Lois Testa
1935 - 2017
Lois passed away May 6, in Charlottsville Va. Lois was an avid square dancer and cuer. She taught rounds and got Rick and Rosina Wagenhoffer started. When I started square dancing in 1989, she was cueing for different clubs in the Hudson Valley Council, plus cueing at her own club Merry Go Rounds, as well as clubs in Connecticut and New Jersey. Lois was also one of the founding members of Single Funtimers and a member of Grand Squares. Lois had moved from White Plains NY to the L.A. area of California in 2000. A few years later she moved to Florida and then to Virginia where she lived at the time she passed away. There is so much more about Lois then what I can put in words here.

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Square dance!
Live Lively-

Square dance!
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