Hudson Valley Council Dance 2004

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Suptei Rogers calling in Mainstream Hall
Suptei Rogers & friend
Cuer: Mary Pickett
L-R: Ethel Anderson, Beth & Steve Reverri, Roy Greenberg
HVC President, Janet Moss
Boots 'n' Bows: Pat O'Donnell & George Vincelette
Happy Footers ~ Lenore & Ralph Liff
Mainstream Dancers ~ Al & Joyce McMichael
Tri-Mountain ~ Patsy & Craig Vogel
HVC Dancers of the Year; Al E Mo ~ Vincent Nunziato & Caroline Parlato
Forefront: HVD Editor; Sharon Kittner
Callers, L-R: Matt Auger, Suptei Rogers, Mike Callahan
Caroline Parlato
Callers: Mike Callahan, Suptei Rogers, Matt Auger
Matt Auger
Mike Callahan
Rick Wagenhoffer & Janet Moss
Mike Callahan, Suptei Rogers, Matt Auger

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